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Do you ever wonder where Florence got her start, or what she thinks of those damned Brady Bunch movies? Chances are someone's asked that question already, and if they did you can read the answer right here. If you don't find your question then head over to the Ask Flo page and ask Florence yourself.

Show Business FAQs

How did you get into show business?
I started singing at a very early age - both for fun and for profit! In high school (St. Franciso Academy in Owensboro, Kentucky) I was very involved in dramatics. I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York when I was 17. Being in New York gave me the opportunity to audition for Broadway shows and I was thrilled to be cast in Joshua Logan's production of "Wish You Were Here." It was a small part, but it lead to everything else!

What was your first big role?
Laurie in "Oklahoma." Richard Rodgers (of legendary team Rodgers & Hammerstein) saw me in "Wish You Were Here" and cast me in the lead of the national touring company of "Oklahoma."

What was your first big Broadway role?
Joshua Logan cast me in the lead role of "Fanny" when I was 20 years old.

You have met alot of famous people. Who are some of your favorites?
Barbara Bush, Marilyn Horne, Dean Martin, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are some of my favorites.

Personal FAQs

When is your birthday?
I was born on Valentine's Day, February 14.

Do you have any children?
Yes, I have 4 children with my ex-husband Ira Bernstein. Two daughters, Barbara and Lizzie, and two sons, Joseph and Robert. I also have two beautiful grandchildren.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I come from a very big family of 10 kids! I am the youngest.

Are you married?
Yes, I am married to Dr. John Kappas.

Where do you live?
I live in Los Angeles.

What is your favorite food?
I love pasta. And I love cole slaw. If it is an option, I always get cole slaw, and sometimes I'll get a double order. It is really good on a turkey sandwich. And I like chicken fingers too. With cole slaw, of course!

Are you really a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority?
I am an honorary member of Delta Zeta. They do a lot of work for the House Ear institute and the hearing impaired and so do I, so it was a good match. I was never an officer or an active member of the sorority.

Do you wear dentures?
I do not wear dentures! I am very proud of the fact that I have all my own teeth. However, I do advertise for Polident because other members of my family use the product and love it. I never claim to use the product myself in the commercials!

Brady Bunch FAQs

Are you still in touch with any of the "Brady Bunch?"
I am in touch with all of my "kids." Although I don't see them that often, we still talk and keep up with each other's lives.

What was your maiden name on The Brady Bunch?
My maiden name was Tyler. And by the way, my married name was Martin. And of course after marrying Mike, it was Brady. And my middle name was Ann. So I guess my whole name was Carol Ann Tyler Martin Brady.

Did you really date Greg Brady? (Barry Williams)
That whole thing with Barry got blown way out of proportion. I guess in a sense it was a date, because Barry thought it was. But of course, I had no idea that his intentions were to "date" me. It has made for a good story though!

What is your favorite Brady Bunch episode?
My favorite episode is the one where Peter tries to act like an older guy to double date with Greg. ("Peter and the Wolf" original airdate 10/12/73) Christopher Knight (Peter)wore a VERY fake moustache and I thought he did a really great acting job in this episode. I think it's a great episode.

What did you think of the Brady Bunch Movie?
I liked the first one very much, and not just because I was in it! I didn't see the second one but I didn't hear very good things about it.

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